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glowing skin

Home Remedies For Glowing Skin – We are living in the 21st century, where style and fashion rule in almost every age group. People want to look good and presentable in every sphere of life. When you develop your personality, it adds charm to your life and boosts your inner self-confidence. Each one of us wants shiny and smooth skin free from blemishes and wrinkles. Due to our busy lives full of stress and unhealthy eating habits we fail to achieve the skin we often dream of. We don’t have the time to pay attention to our kitchen and find ingredients that can improve the texture and quality of our skin deliberately.

The beauty care industry is no more using products that have chemicals as they have numerous side effects. People are switching to ayurvedic and herbal skincare products these days as they contain the goodness of essential age-old herbs. If you are aiming for a high beauty score, then you can try some home remedies.

Top 7 Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Age-old spice-Turmeric:

Since the olden times, people have been using turmeric for improving skin radiance as it is believed to be endowed with antiseptic and anti-bacterial features. It possesses high antioxidant properties that add to the skin glow. Curcumin is found in turmeric which helps in reducing skin inflammation. Turmeric removes the unwanted radicals from your skin and thus protects it from unwanted damage. It also accelerates the amount of collagen fiber produced in our body and in turn helps in keeping the skin well hydrated and fresh for a longer time span.

Usually, we mix around 5-8 gms of turmeric with gram flour(one cup) and add a small amount of water and or milk and make a smooth even paste. Then we mix rose water and apply the resultant paste on our face and once it dries off, we wash the face with normal water.

Honey is just ultimate:

 It’s been well known that honey has been used as a moisturizer and is often mixed with various beauty products as it gas skin hydration properties. And it is an antibacterial agent and also helps to fight off infections. It also helps to reduce acne and gives you fresh skin without spits. The bleaching characteristic of honey helps in the reduction of scars as well as pigmentation spots.

It is best to apply honey directly to your facial skin and neck regions after cleaning it properly using a mild cleanser. Then keep on massaging the skin gently until the honey seeps into your skin deeply, and then wash it with warm water and feel the difference.

Olive oil repairs damage:

 Another antioxidant used in skin care products is olive oil. It prevents premature aging of the skin. People use olive oil once their skin has been exposed to the sun’s rays. It is known to be having properties that can fight skills that cause cancer. Not only it heals the damage caused to the skin we as get older, but it also adds to the complexion as well.

Try Orange Juice:

 Vitamin C-rich oranges remove the toxicity from our body if consumed on a daily basis. Experts often recommend that we should take a glass filled with orange juice on a daily basis as it helps in replenishing the skin. It also prevents the loosening of the skin during the aging process and keeps it firm and fresh.

Orange juice should be taken with a pinch of salt and sip it along with breakfast every day. You can also use the orange peel, make a paste and mix few drops of rose water and apply it all over your face and keep it as it is for at least 10-15 minutes and then rinse your face with cool water. It acts as a perfect refreshing face pack.

Milk for skin toning:

It has been found by experts that the tyrosine hormone is solely responsible for the skin darkening process as it controls the amount of melanin production in the skin. And as a fact, melanin controls the amount of tyrosine production in the skin and adds to the skin glow. A small amount of raw milk can be easily used for getting a glow on the skin.

Raw milk is directly applied to the skin with other ingredients as required in a paste form to improve skin quality.


It acts as a scrub when mixed with milk and other things and applied on the skin directly in the form of a paste. It helps to remove the dead skin cells from the skin and makes it fresh and clean. It has been used for ages as the perfect skin remedy.


If you are facing the problem of dry or flaky skin, then you can use a cucumber face pack at home by grinding it and forming a paste, and mixing other ingredients as per your choice. It is used for skin hydration and for improving the complexion of the skin.

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